NBA 2K21 – Idol Series II Collection Updates

A new series of NBA 2K21 cards have joined Idol Series II, an NBA 2K21 premium collection that features high-rated items.

NBA 2K21 Idol Series II is one of the most popular MyTeam collections. This selection contains high-rated items that help players take their game to a new level. The collection is updated throughout the entire MyTeam season. If you want to have the complete collection, you will need to acquire the new packs that contain these awesome items. Let’s take a look at the latest Idol Series II additions.

Kevin Garnet is a 99 OVR item that has the power forward/center position. The stats are 79 outside scoring, 82 playmaking, 93 defending, 95 inside scoring, 94 athleticism, and 97 rebounding. This is one of the highest-rated cards in MyTeam. Larry Bird joins the Idol Series II selection with a 98 OVR card that works in a point forward/shooting forward position. It has 82 outside scoring, 93 playmaking, 92 defending, 90 inside scoring, 93 athleticism, and 88 rebounding. Paul Pierce represents the Boston Celtics team. He has a 98 OVR card with 81 outside scoring, 82 playmaking, 87 defending, 83 inside scoring, 90 athleticism, and 76 rebounding. Andre Iguodala is another item that can be obtained from this collection. It has 97 OVR and the stats: 77 outside scoring, 83 playmaking, 91 defending, 71 inside scoring, 92 athleticism, and 59 rebounding. Andrew Wiggins has a card with 96 OVR and 78 outside scoring, 82 playmaking, 85 defending, 80 inside scoring, 91 athleticism, and 63 rebounding. Sam Cassell from the Minnesota Timberwolves is a 94 OVR item whose attributes are 78 outside scoring, 94 playmaking, 81 defending, 70 inside scoring, 91 athleticism, and 43 rebounding. Chris Webber is depicted in his Washington Wizards uniform on his Idol Series II card. This item comes with 91 OVR and the power forward/center position. The attributes are 85 outside scoring, 81 playmaking, 73 defending, 85 inside scoring, 82 athleticism, and 86 rebounding. Fred Hoiberg has an 89 OVR item with 80 outside scoring, 84 playmaking, 79 defending, 60 inside scoring, 87 athleticism, and 60 rebounding.

Season 5: Age of Heroes will end soon. The next MyTeam Season was teased in the latest patch notes. The preparations for it have begun. All we know so far is that it will be “peculiar”. There are plenty of Season 5 activities to complete while we wait for Season 6.

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