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  • What Real Estate In The Bahamas

    What Real Estate In The Bahamas

    We should carefully watch the duration of the virus and the creation of vaccines and remedies, the Bahamian government’s steady plans for stimulation to the economy, and, after all, the US market’s behavior to analyze the long-term effects. Realistically, we do not know the medium to long run results presently. Still, based on what we have seen from previous pandemics in other markets, there may be a short-lived slowdown, and because the virus subsides, markets will rebound as per normal with a sluggish beginning. August 31, 2008 -NASSAU, BAHAMAS- It’s midway through hurricane season in the Caribbean. If they haven’t performed so already, there are several steps homeowners can take to guard themselves and their Bahama’s actual estate from injury. read more