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...Season 3

Have you ever noticed something on the show that went wrong? Please help us to add to the list! You can contact us here: Thanks everyone! :)

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[In episode 12, "Crossing"] Vaughn had to hotwire the jeep he and Sydney found. So, why when they reached the village did he turn the jeep off with keys?

Noticed by Spygirl, Vartan Ho #5. Thanks!

I just rewatched the "Remnants" and I noticed that when Will asked Syd " two bottles?" in the hotel room, she said "one is good" then she took off her scarf and when Will tell the man for four bottles, I noticed she took off her scarf again in the background.

Noticed by Kelly. Thanks!

Earlier in the season when Syd and Vaughn went on their mission together at the party, Syd shook the ambassador guy’s hand to get his prints. When Syd and Vaughn are at the elevator, Syd removes the prints. How could she possibly have gotten his thumb print on her thumb? Listen to the dialogue and watch the scene. When you shake someone’s hand, all of your prints are on the back of their hand. The way the scene makes it seems is as though they pressed their palms together.

Noticed by merissanicole. Thanks!

Yeah, I got this weird vibe when I first watched the beginning of "Remnants" when the screen caps from the previous episode blended in with the beginning of the new episode. Then I figured out that at the end of the previous episode Syd has her hair in front of her ears(which in my opinion isn't very appealing, but then again i guess sexiness wasn't the point of that moment)--see here, and then the new episode begins and she has her hair tucked behind her ears (which is MUCH better, in my opinion of course)--see here. And the only shot of the moment between those two obviously does not show Syd moving her hands anywhere near her hair to perform the tucking back action so (see here)...yeah, those episode editors really need to watch their stuff....

Noticed by E.Z.. Thanks!

Major continuity problem: Ummm, wasn't Vaughn stabbed in the stomach like, LAST WEEK? Where's the bandage or the stitches in that Gratuitous!Underwear scene? Must be that they're using some of that awesome spy coverup on the men now.

Noticed by vartan4735, Vartan Ho #1529. Thanks!

On the end on the 307 episode [Prelude], when Syd goes to Rome, the city that is shown (did I spelled correctly?) isnęt Rome, but a brazilian city in Minas Gerais state called "Ouro Preto". You can look at this photo to compare with the scene in the episode ...Itęs a different angle, but itęs cleared the same place ...

Noticed by Dricks, Vartan Ho #2150. Thanks!

[...] The second one (and sorry, this one's kinda gory) is from the flashbak when Alison is remembering when she killed Francie - here's a pic of the flashback. Last season, when we saw Francie dead, the blood streak was goin sideways, not straigt down, and she was leaning against the counter in the kitchen

Also, I saw a blooper while watching episode 3.07 - Prelude: When Sydney is changing during the mission, she uses her left ear to communicate with Marshal. But later she uses her right ear.

Noticed by Aliza, Vartan Ho #1545. Thanks!

In the first episode of the third season [the Two], Vaughn says something like, "I burried you." But later, Jack tells Sydney that Vaughn scattered her ashes at sea. Either Vaughn got on a wet suit and we were cheated out of some hotness or the writers need to pay more attention.

Noticed by thecolorofwithin613. Thanks!

In the car chase scene in Repercussions, the driver of the van keeps checking his rearview mirror to keep an eye on Sydney and Lauren. The only problem is, the back window in the van is completely covered! The only way he could have seen Syd and Lauren would have been to look out his sideview mirrors.

Noticed by Kayar. Thanks!

In Repercussions, when Sydney is searching Simon's room, she hops right on in there and leaves the door open. Then, as y'all probably remember, he comes up while she's looking and tries his key in the lock. It's only then that she knows he's there, and she couldn't possibly have speeded over there and closed it or something. Did I explain that right?

Noticed by sky_filled_stars. Thanks!

In episode 3, Reunion,when Lauren storms out of the briefing room and Vaughn tells her to give Syd the benefit of the doubt. One point when they are talking, it shows a front shot of Lauren and her hair is down. It then goes to a back shot and her hair is tucked behind her ear.

Noticed by jagheartz18. Thanks!

When Syd jumps off of the balcony [Missing Link], there is no necklace around her ankles or in her hands (Check it out here), but when she gets into Walker's car, it's around her ankle (Check it out here). Wonder how it got there....

Noticed by Aliza, Vartan Ho #1545. Thanks!

Now i live in Australia, but i downloaded a few clips from Alias-Media. One of them was the Sydney-Sark talk. The one where he's in the cell Irina was in... well anyway, if you notice, you'll see that Sark has a tan. If he's been in that cell for a while, how the hell did he get one?

Noticed by Lauren, Vartan Ho #1879. Thanks!

"Both in missing link: 1. first scene when she [Syd] s talking with jack her hair is up but she has a piece of hair falling on her forehead at first and then another close up no hair on forehead. 2. when she went into the maid closet to get undressed i assumed she left her leather clothes in there right? she must have double cause when she met simon back after "milan" she was wearing the same leather pants and t-top...."

Noticed by Isabelle Lebrun. Thanks!

In "A Missing Link," when Simon's goons take Vaughn out of the Jeep, he has blood on his face. When Sydney stabs him, the blood is gone.

Noticed by Lisa, Vartan Ho #1523. Thanks!

In "Reunion," after Syd gets the diplomat's fingerprints at the party, Vaughn puts the print part of the glove over his thumb allowing him access to the elevator. The control panel says "access granted." Um . . aren't they in Moscow? Shouldn't it be in Russian?

Noticed by Lisa, Vartan Ho# 1523. Thanks!

In Episode 2 [Succession], the handover of Sark is happening in Mexico. Later, at CIA headquarters, they discuss tracking the car that took Sark away to Frankfurt. Was it some kind of watercraft disguised as a car, or did they all paddle? As far as I know, there is no way to drive a car from Mexico to Frankfurt.

Noticed by eileenanastacio. Thanks!

In "The Two" (episode 3.1), on the CEO Magazine with Sloane's picture on it, the title is "Arvin Sloan: Rising Angel". I know this is ABC we're talking about, but shouldn't they at least know how to spell Sloane's name??? It's SLOANE, not SLOAN. Asshats.

Noticed by Sarah, Vartan Ho #370. Thanks!

I saw someone else posted this somewhere yesterday (I can’t remember where, so I won’t take the credit), but in The Telling Syd checked in with Kendall after she woke up in Hong Kong two years later. However, when The Two aired, you would think Kendall would still be in charge, yet Dixon told Syd he took over for Kendall six months before.

Noticed by TwinnerA, Vartan Ho #95. Thanks!

At the end of "The Telling" Sydney is wearing a grey top and grey sweatpants when Vaughn tells her it is two years later and they thought she was dead. However, in "The Two," when she starts fighting off the two men and Vaughn, she has on jeans and the grey top.

Noticed by Lisa, Vartan Ho #1523. Thanks!

When Dixon steps outside of Syd's hospital room [The Two] to talk with Weiss, he is handed a folder that he opens - and you can definetly see that there is nothing in the folder! Then we are shown a close-up of the contents in the folder... but it's not what Dixon was holding.

Noticed by Aliza, Vartan Ho #1545. Thanks!

So, last night when Sydney was gonna inject that gross drug guy with a syringe with an air bubble, she said something to the effect of "Tell me the code or you get an ANEURISM." ACTUALLY, if an air bubble gets into your blood stream, it's called an air EMBOLISM.

Noticed by Marie Vaughn. Thanks!

"Why does Syd have boxes of shit? Didn't her place, like, BURN DOWN? The only personal effects she should have are boxes of charred picture frames and crates of smoldering sofa arms. And maybe an indestructible floor safe filled with cash and passports or something. I mean…WHATEVER. "

Noticed by Regina, from TWoP summary. Thanks!

In Succession Jack e-mails, instant messages Irina, he's in the parking garage, it would have been impossible to get a signal since he had to be using wireless communication to contact her. Sydney couldn't get a signal in season one when they that guy was on his phone pretending to talk. Sydney checked her phone there was no signal.

Noticed by Carol, Vartan Ho #1691. Thanks!

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