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...Season 1

Have you ever noticed something on the show that went wrong? Please help us to add to the list! You can contact us here: Thanks everyone! :)

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In "Masquerade" when Syd and Noah Hicks are stealing that core thingy that has to be kept at a very low temperature, Syd is knocked down by the machine's arm and her helmet cracks. Moments later we see Noah carrying her out of the room and laying her down on the floor. There's a close-up of her helmet, and there are no cracks in the glass at all now.

Noticed by Jennie. Thanks!

In 1.01, Truth Be Told, Sydney is in Taipei and is attempting to break into a van (the standard Alias gray VW van with different decals every episode) when a guy drives up in a nice sports car and blows smoke in her face. She decides to steal his car. [...] The license plate number is DH 5578. When she is driving down the road to the embassy, the plate number reads JU 1587.

Noticed by kimberlywillis. Thanks!

In the pilot when Syd is taking her final, right before Danny proposes, she is sitting three desks over from the right, when the camera is behind her, although when she starts talking to the professor, she is only two desks over.

Noticed by Megan Broad. Thanks!

I was watching Page 47 (1.15) when Will and Jenny are driving and Will decides to break up with her she comes to a screeching halt on the road. When she drives away her car is to the side on dirt.

Noticed by Carrie, Vartan Ho #364. Thanks!

I was just rewatching the pilot episode, and when Syd tells Will she's engaged, and he tells her congratulations, she says thanks before her mouth moves. A sound editing error, perhaps?

Noticed by Sara, Vartan Ho #1934. Thanks!

I've just been watching the Season 1 DVD, and noticed several bloopers in the pilot episode (Truth Be Told). As mentioned by J.J. Abrams in the commentary, in the scene with "suit and glasses", as he pulls over the chair besides Syd, you can see his mark on the floor (in a cross).

Another mark, clearly visible, is when Sydney is pulling up outside the Credit Dauphine building, just before she confronts Sloane about Danny's murder. There is a gigantic white cross on the road obviously indicating when to stop.

Noticed by legolasette. Thanks!

In the scene where Syd and Vaughn meet up (where she attacks him), after she realizes it's Vaughn, she puts away her gun. She is explaining what's going on to Vaughn when she turns the corner. Now she has the gun drawn and ready. It might have been my imagination, but it seems impossible that she could draw her gun that fast.

Noticed by Jacquie, Vartan Ho #10

Verified by Lugia, Vartan Ho #8

In "Page 47," we never saw Vaughn give Syd the fake Page 47 at the warehouse, did we? She came in, he & Jack told her about making the switch, Jack left, Syd left. So how did it get in her garter??

Noticed by Souris.

When Vaughn takes the pin out of the C-4 in "The Box, Part II," he uses his right hand -- despite the fact that he's left-handed! Maybe he just wanted to make it even more of a challenge. ;-)

[Lugia note: A similar blooper occurs during the golf practice in "Reckoning." Here, Sydney uses the golf club with her left hand, while Vaughn uses it with his right hand. Again against their normal type because as it's been clearly established before, Sydney is right-handed and Vaughn is left-handed.]

Noticed by Souris.

Mistake in the season finale, "Almost Thirty Years": in the scene at the very beginning of the episode with Syd and Jack on the pier or docks or whatever, Syd says that the CIA has the page and SD-6 has the ampule. We all know it is the other way around, since Jack says it later and he goes to the CIA to get the ampule and Syd goes to SD-6 to get the page. I'm pretty sure about this. Let me check again. Syd says "The CIA has the page Khasinau wants, SD-6 has the ampule, you and I can get it now......." I triple checked.

Noticed by Gennifer, Vartan Ho #129.

Verified by Spygirl, Vartan Ho #5:

In truth be told, if you look real close, they have c. vaughn on his nameplate. forgot his first name maybe?

Noticed by TahliaThanks!

Episode 13 (The Box Part 2): When Syd is fighting the guy who shoots Endo right before she surrenders, who is holding down the transmit button for Cole to hear the whole fight over the Walkie-Talkie?

Also, when Syd surrenders, they take her bag from her and dump it all over a desk. Later when everyone is about to be killed, the contents of her bag is now conveniently all over the floor beside her....Hmmmmmm.

Noticed by Tammie.

Episode 9 (Mea Culpa): When Francie and Will are arguing over what the greatest movie ever made was, Will gets up to get them both a beer. As he is taking the bottles out of the fridge you can see quite clearly that there is no caps on them... That be some mighty fine tastin' beer huh?

Noticed by Tammie.

Episode 3 (Parity): When Syd goes to talk to Jack (@ Jennings?), he gets out of the car without anything in his hands, has a rather heated discussion with Syd and then as he is walking away from her, he suddenly has a briefcase...

Noticed by Tammie.

Alias Episode 1.16 "The Prophecy": After Syd and Vaughn return from Italy and they meet behind some warehouse, Vaughn is wearing either a white or light colored dress shirt. When Sydney is taken into custody about what...maybe an hour to an hour and a half later and Vaughn is waiting in the cargo van, he's wearing a gorgeous brownish shirt with dark tie. Totally different suit as well.

Now, that may not be a blooper per se, but I thought the change was interesting.

Also, and I think this was The Prophecy as well, when the DSR is going through all of Vaughn's files, he's sporting a handsome 5 o'clock shadow. When he storms into Devlin's office afterward, he's clean shaven.

Noticed by Spygirl, Vartan Ho #5.

In Alias Episode 12 "The Box, Part 1" Will receives a key from his Deep Throat source. Its tag says:


622 Simon(son, or something close)
Los Angeles

In Alias Episode 13 "The Box, Part 2" it suddenly says (in much bigger letters):


Pier 19

Noticed by Lugia, Vartan Ho #8.

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