Johar Movie Review Talk Of The Movie

The OTT platform has been the only way out of the pandemic time, in which Telugu movies have been in the most online watch movies. Many super hits have been awarded to these movies. There was a time when these movies were underrated, but now the time has arrived where Telugu has opened their box office on the 1st day in 100 cr. or more. The public at large is showering love on Telugu movies online. Not only Bollywood, but Tollywood has also crossed overseas and has been on the top list for over a month. These movies have many different sorts of plots; actually, we can say they have covered every plot and never runs short of it. Joharis one of the super-hit Tollywood movies, which is liked by the audience at large.

Johar is a drama-based movie, which is directed by TejaMarni and produced by Sandeep Marni. This movie had hit all the small screens and had been screened in Aha. Johar, a Telugu movie, is based on five different stories. It revolves around a young chief minister who wants to build a statue in the memory of his father to gain publicity. On the other way round, there is a young athlete, youthful girl, older man, and a poor farmer. They run and look after an orphanage. All the people are affected in the whole story. The movie focuses on how their life is affected because of the political movement.

The young chief minister is Krishna Chaitanya, and the young athlete is NainaGanguly. Rewari Rao is a poor farmer. Esther is a young girl, and an older man is SubhalekhaSudhakar. It is an emotional movie which is liked by the audience. It has a great premise. The story set in the orphanage brings an emotional touch to it. This movie gave a social message, which the people appreciate. You will notice the terrible things coming up, unfortunately, after all the good things. It shows how the political parties ignore public welfare and only look upon personal welfare. The film ended with a good message, which is appreciated by the audience.

Johar was screened on 15th August 2020 in Aha.

This is one of the movies which is based on honesty. It shows how the lives of ordinary people get affected due to the political scenario. One of the leading dialogue of the movie, “The one who has the power to give, can make your life as well.” This statement shows that the people in society can give you life and take it away too. This movie outlines the negligence of the government on healthcare, agriculture, sports, and education. TejaMarni’s movie Johar is a must-watch movie as it brings out the political scenario of the country today.

Telugu movies have a different fan base not only in the south but has reached cross-border countries. These movies provided many actors and actresses to be their part which has also been in the Oscar-winning lists. Going to cinemas is less preferable for the people, they are more comfortable sitting at home and watching movies online. The development of Telugu movies from cinemas to the OTT platform to be watched online is just jaw-dropping. As they always got the love and support of Telugu movie fans. Watching Telugu movies online with the whole family is fun as these movies are full of thrill, comedy, and romance.


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